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The Redding Rodeo, Northern California's biggest 4 day rodeo, will be May 13-16, 2020. We will be offering credentials to those members of the media who are on assignment only. Those who meet the requirements below and fill the Credentials Request form will be given first consideration. All requests must be received by May 8, 2020.


  • Applicants must be paid employees of media outlet or a freelance writer or photographer with a valid letter of assignment from the media outlet.
  • Only photographers who are members in good standing of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and are approved by the Redding Rodeo will be allowed in the arena. The Redding Rodeo reserves the right to limit the number of PRCA photographers in the arena at any one time
  • Any secondary, non-editorial or commercial use of any image, film or drawing of the Redding Rodeo or participant is prohibited without prior written consent of the Redding Rodeo, PRCA and any person in the image. Press must respect the guests at the show and be “invisible” when taking photos or videos.
  • If your Rodeo coverage is web based it must be easily available to everyone visiting your site.
  • The Redding Rodeo is sanctioned by the PRCA which “retains all rights in and to the filming, taping, and recording in any media” therefore no photos or videos may be sold without prior permission of the PRCA. You must abide by all PRCA guidelines for photos and videos you may obtain these by contacting the PRCA at 719-593-8840 or visiting their website at www.prorodeo.com.
  • All photos must clearly be identified as being taken at the Redding Rodeo.
  • The Redding Rodeo will restrict access to certain areas for safety reasons and require western attire to access some areas as outlined in PRCA rules. Details will be provided to those granted credentials.
  • Publications/websites must be pertinent and subject to approval by the Redding Rodeo.
  • The application must be filled out completely and a signed waiver included to be considered.
  • Early application increases the likelihood of approval as a limited number of passes will be issued.

Contact Erick Mattson with Redding Rodeo

socialmedia@reddingrodeo.com 530-604-3895

Media Credential Request

Media Type

What days do you plan attendting?

Name and Title of individuals requesting credentials

Organization Info

Your Information

Please provide a profile picture
I agree to the terms and conditions
DRESS CODE MANDATORY: Attire shall be western in style to include cowboy hat, long sleave button down shirt, jeans, cowboy boots or other closed toe shoes (no tennis shoes). Areana access is only allowed for PRCA certified photographers.

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